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I have had the pleasure of getting to know Chuck over the past several years, both in a personal and professional capacity. Chuck demonstrates three very important qualities needed for success in any organization: Leadership, Values and Team work.

Chuck is a natural leader who leads by example, both in is words and actions. Chuck has the rare and valuable ability to think strategically and tactically, and in doing so demonstrates an appreciation for the big picture while being able to translate a mission and vision into an actionable plan for success. Chuck also possess an entrepreneur spirit that enhances his ability to lead and to motivate those around him.

Chuck is also a man of integrity. Chuck is very accountable, which enables him to develop and foster genuine relationships with everyone he interacts with.

Chuck also understands the importance of team work. As a leader, Chuck has a natural ability to assess talent and the character of those around him. With that, Chuck is a strong team player, which fosters trust and respect from everyone Chuck works with.

Chuck is someone I have on my short-list of individuals who I rely on when I need advice, ideas, feedback, or someone to help successfully deliver on a mission or vision.


Chad Eddy

CEO, Indium




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